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Inspire.  Retain.  Grow.

NEW!  Now certified to offer and interpret the Benchmarks® 360 Suite of assessments from the

Center for Creative Leadership.  

Enhance your leadership development efforts with these reliable and validated tools!




For over 20 years Dana Pratt has been helping organizations improve their performance and achieve their goals by designing and delivering engaging learning experiences, encouraging leaders and by collaborating with managers to assess and develop talent.

As the Principal of DCP Training & Talent Development, she will partner with you to explore business challenges and to brainstorm multi-faceted solutions.  She can take broad concepts and create solid programs and plans that engage learners in making positive change.    She can also step in as an extra pair of hands to help you move your initiatives forward.  From facilitating courses in a lively and entertaining way, to conducting an annual talent review for your company, she's here to help.

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